5 Youtube Video Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic

YouTube can be a great marketing tool for your business and just as you would with any other marketing tool; you’ll want to have a plan in place to make the most of using YouTube as a marketing vehicle for your company. With millions of videos being uploaded to YouTube monthly, here are five video marketing tips you can easily implement to ensure an effective YouTube marketing campaign.

#1: Use Keywords In Your Title

While it may be fun to use a cute or funny title, you can really maximize your search engine optimization efforts by including your company’s top keywords in the title. If you haven’t already done so, compile a list of the top keywords phrases your target audience is searching for in search engines. Once you’ve determined your top keywords, create videos around these keywords. When you’re adding your video to YouTube use these keywords in the video title. The title of your YouTube video helps search engines know what your video is about and indexes your video accordingly. The trick is finding keywords that work for search engines and is still catchy to a viewer.

#2: Write Good Descriptions For Your Videos

Treat your video descriptions like an advertisement. The description is what the viewer will read to determine if they’ll watch your video. Avoid common mistakes like misspelling, poor grammar and overusing a keyword. Be sure to include the keyword from your title in the meta description, just don’t overuse the keyword in the description since this will appear spammy. Another important factor is to make sure that the first 60 characters of your description includes your most important text, including your website url. Google shows the first 60 characters of the description before cutting off the rest of the description and adding an ellipsis.

#3: Add Tags To Your Videos

Tags can help you label the videos you upload so that other people can find them easily and more importantly they help YouTube determine what other related videos will show up when your video is finished playing and vice-versa. Tags also help YouTube index your video which means your video can show up in a regular search engine outside of YouTube. Be sure to use quotes around tags that are phrases.

#4: Encourage Viewers To Embed Your Video On Their Website

Having other people embed your video can be great, free advertising for your website. It’s a good way to increase exposure of your video to people outside of your network. It’s also free advertising for your YouTube video channel if a viewer presses on the YouTube link on the video.

#5: Tell Viewers What You Want Them To Do

This is a common mistake made by people new to video marketing. If you want people to visit your website after the video tell them that. If you want them to embed your videos tell them that too. Having a call to action in your video is extremely important. Remember although the format is video, the rules of marketing still apply.

So remember, if you’re serious about using YouTube for marketing your businesses and generating traffic to your website, then:

These steps can not only help you get found by your target audience but can increase traffic to your website. At the very least you’ll be doing something different from your competitors.

Adding Video To Your Website For Fun And Profit Part 2

Part 2, DIY Video Equipment and Process Tips

In Part 1, we talked about why online video is such a great business marketing tool and revealed the five basic themes you can use.

Now, for the Do-It-Yourself crowd, we’ll share the basics of what video equipment you will need, how to use it and best practices for uploading, social media sharing and video SEO. We provide affiliate links to make it easy for you, suggesting a piece of gear that we have used with clients, gotten good results and still fits within a tight budget.

Equipment basics – Your under $500 Kit

1. Video Camera

Always start with the video camera. My #1 criteria is that it needs to be no more complicated than you need it to be. In other words, don’t overbuy, become intimidated, and then never use the darn thing. A good video camera must have an external microphone input, an image stabilizer and be easy to use.

We recommend the Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (Black), a “point and shoot” style camera that is small, portable, fun and not complicated. It comes with some basic editing software, plugs right into your computer via USB and has quick settings for Internet video. Cost :$100

2. Microphone

Yes, an external microphone with a good windscreen really IS that important. Bad audio will ruin an otherwise fine video. Don’t believe me? Try watching your favorite TV show while someone vacuums. Ughh! Start with a simple, wired clip-on mic like this Audio-Technica ATR-35S Lavalier Microphone Cost: $50

3. Lights

We’ve fallen in love with the new, florescent kits that are available. They don’t get as hot as traditional bulbs, use less power and are now available in natural, color balanced bulbs. Get one with a nice light box or diffuser for even skin tones. Bounce umbrellas will also work well, they just require a bit more space. Try this green screen set for lights and a backdrop, in case you want to try the “special effects” you can accomplish with greenscreen. ePhoto 10??? x 12??? Green Screen Background Kit with (2) Lights Cost: $140

4. Software

You’ll need to edit this somehow, and export it in a format that’s right for online viewing. For PC users, we like Adobe Premiere Elements and for Mac users, we like Final Cut Express. Both of these are consumer versions of professional packages and have great functionality. If your interest takes you higher, you can upgrade to the full, pro version and already be familiar with the basic building blocks. The learning curve on the consumer versions is fairly short, and is helped in both cases by great online support, video tutorials and user forums.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 (Win/Mac) Cost: About $100

Final Cut Express 4 Cost: About $185

Editing Guidelines

Keep it under 2 minutes for “cool” contacts. There’s a shorter attention span for people who aren’t familiar with you and involved emotionally with your company. You can go up to 8 minutes for “warmer” viewers. They have more invested, and in some cases, are being asked to invest (financially) even more. Take the time to help them see the benefits and overcome objections.

Take it easy on the transitions – cuts and dissolves are just right. Don’t throw every wipe and star burst in the software at it just because you can. Few things make a video seem cheesy faster than an overload of different visual transitions.

Use quality, royalty free, licensed music. This is not the time to use your favorite commercially available track from Maroon 5 in the background. Your video will get flagged, may get pulled, and you may be levied a fine for copyright infringement. Instead purchase your music as a “buy-out,” typically $20-45 per track or maybe $80 for a whole disc of various tracks. Favor real instruments over midi, synthesizer sounds. We like , , and .

Stock Images and Footage can also add great dimension to your projects. Like with the music, don’t’ swipe images from other websites for your video production. A web-quality image will cost about $2 from sources like and .


The easiest, all-purpose encoding format for YouTube, Facebook and iPad/iPod is H.264 (a form of Quicktime .mov files). Widescreen (16??9) is generally preferred over the ling-time TV standard of 4??3. If you have HD, you can now use that on YouTube, just check the help files for specifics.


It counts here, too, and with YouTube as the second most popular search engine today, you might as well make the most of it. Use a good, intriguing title, fill in the description (100 words or more) and keywords (try for 10-12), and geotag it. Use of full URL of your home website as the first item in description for a live link. And consider using YouTube’s captions and annotations for extra power. Again, check the help files and tutorials available through YouTube for details.

You can do this! Start small, but start somewhere, and put the power of online video to use for your company today!

Get an Animated Marketing Video to Exploit The Power of Social Media

Social media consists of internet and mobile based applications that facilitate the communication of print, audio and audio-visual contents. Before the advent of internet, marketing a product was mostly limited to print mediums, like newspapers and yellow pages etc, which were not only repetitive in nature, lacking the vibrancy, but were also limited in their reach. But with the emergence of internet this all changed for the better. Internet gave people a common platform not only to showcase their creations but also made them capable to access others creations as per their wish and convenience.

Today people can shop, watch, play, chat, share, blog, advertise, promote and do almost everything online that they do in real life. A social media video is a great way to advertise and promote a product. Some of the advantages associated with social media are:

Easy Accessibility: Internet is accessible to one and all, irrespective of one’s location, his social status or even his educational qualification. With mobile devices becoming more common and advanced, accessing anything over the net has become even easier.

Lower Cost: All the variants of social media are lower on their cost. Operating or accessing them doesn’t cost much.

Common Platform: No matter what language one knows or the background he has, social media is helpful to everyone. It provides a common platform to people to communicate with each other.

User Friendly: They are easier to navigate. Using them doesn’t require any sophisticated technological knowledge. From a minor to a major, everyone can easily use them.

Leading Medium to Communicate: Not only texts but videos also are leading the way to communicate a message to others. A social media video, when added to a website, can attract and hold viewers attention like no other medium does.

Several Uses: A social media video can be made for several purposes apart from entertaining people, like an animated marketing video can very well market a product through the use of animated characters of an animal or a person.

The effect of social media videos can be enhanced with the use of animation. An small business video is easier to produce and doesn’t cost much. They can be uploaded on networking sites such as YouTube and vimeo etc. to let people share them with more and more people, thus circulating the message amongst a large audience.